Comfort Heating

Comfort Heating

  • Mirror demister/ defogger

A mirror demister/ mirror defogger is a self-adhesive sheet mounted on the rear side of the mirror and works as anti-fogger for mirrors. In winters all mirrors in the bathroom steam up, mirror defogger is an ideal solution which prevents wiping the mirror every day, keeping the mirror fog free. By using CoreWarm bathroom mirror defogger, you can eliminate any chances of a mirror getting fog and you won’t need to waste your time in cleaning them after you take a shower as it remains crystal clear. Mirror defoggers come in a variety of sizes and shapes such as rectangle, oval and round and you can get the customized ones too.

  1. Aluminium foil mirror defogger
  2. PET film mirror defogger

Features and Application
– It has high electrical safety and easy to install.
– It is in the form of thin film and does not occupy any space.
– The heat distribution is uniform keeping the mirror perfectly clean.
– Suitable for high humidity areas.
– No thermostat required.

Technical Details
– Max load: 200W/m²
– Operating Voltage: 12V, 24V, 110V-240V
– Temperature Rise: 10-20°C
– Connection Lead: 1m
– Protection Class: IP54

Product Range

Mirror Defogger was developed specially for bathroom mirrors and is produced to the highest standards in various shapes, sizes and voltages.

Types: Rectangular, Oval, Round

  • Rectangular Mirror Defogger
Model No.Size Power (W)Electricity Consumption (KW/h)
FFR-1826450 X 650 mm18” X 26”570.057
FFR-2432600 X 800 mm24” X 32”960.096
FFR-2436600 X 900 mm24” X 36”1080.108
FFR-3040750 X 1000 mm30” X 40”1500.15
FFR-3448850 X 1200 mm34” X 48”2040.204
FFR-40521000 X 1300 mm40” X 52”2600.26
FFR-48601200 X1500 mm48” X 60”3600.36


  • Oval Mirror Defogger 
Model No.Size Power (W)Electricity Consumption (KW/h)
FFO-1826450 X 650 mm18” X 26”450.045
FFO-2432600 X 800 mm24” X 32”760.076
FFO-2436600 X 900 mm24” X 36”870.087
FFO-3040750 X 1000 mm30” X 40”1230.123
FFO-40481000 X 1200 mm40” X 48”2010.201
FFO-48521200 X1300 mm48” X 52”2180.218


  • Round Mirror Defogger
Model No.SizePower (W)Electricity Consumption (KW/h)
FFC-1515380 X 380 mm15” X15”200.02
FFC-2020520 X 520 mm20” X 20”410.041
FFC-2525640 X 640 mm25” X 25”650.065
FFC-3131780 X 780 mm31” X 31”990.099
FFC-3535880 X 880 mm35” X 35”1270.127
FFC-40401000 X 1000 mm40” X 40”1660.166
FFC-44441100 X 1100 mm44” X 44”2020.202
FFC-48481200 X 1200 mm48” X 48”2430.243
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